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News from Higgy™

Higgy Imagine that garage door or gate handle that is just out of reach. You could stretch for it and risk a muscle strain, or you can take your Higgins Hook™ in hand and...voila! Introduced at the International Home & Housewares Show 2009, Chicago, the Higgins Hook™ - Your Reach Solution™, the easiest and most versatile tool expressly made for everyone who needs to get an object that is hard-to-reach.

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News from HiggyTM


"My daughter has fun using the Higgins Hook to pull the laundry basket to her room. Makes me think it's good for the elderly too!"
-R. Deremiah

Profit with the Higgins Hook™

Are you a marina owner, boat store, swimming pool store, medical supply store, hardware store, or just simply looking for a fun new product this summer?

The Higgins Hook is for you!

This fun, new product is made in Arnold, MO and is earth friendly, made from 100% recycled materials!

The Higgins Hook helps people of all ages reach or retrieve things more easily.

It appeals to EVERYONE!  There are no limits to what the Higgins Hook can help someone reach or retrieve!

We are a friendly, family owned business that would love to partner with you and your business to get a Higgins Hook in every household in America!

Please call us and we can begin working with you today! (636) 265-0634

Rob and Joyce Powell
Morning Star Manufacturing

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